Wies Limousin Ranch


WLR Tainted Love

NPF 1958572

Owned with Edwards Land
& Catte and Heart Felt Farms

WLR Prada

NPF 1988708

Owned with Shelby Skinner & Deb Vorthmann

ELCX Twilight

NPF 1976455

Owned with Edwards Land & Cattle

WLR Ugly Betty

NPF 1900655

Owned with Magness Land & Cattle

MAGS Phantoms Prize

NPF 1797761

Owned with Magness Land & Cattle, CO

L7 Tipsy

LFF 1873869

Owned with Small & Son Farms -
Crown City, OH

TYEJ DB Serenity

NPF 1841679

Owned with Double B Grain Farm, McAliterville, PA